24 November 2010

I received two blog awards!!!

I am so shocked, first the My Scrap Chick thing and now two wonderful fellow Bloggers have given me the Stylish Blogger Award!! Thank You so much Gloria from Oma's Crafts and Kristal over at Getting Cricky with KAndrew Designs. There are a few rules with this award so let's see if we can follow them! LOL I completed the first one by Thanking the folks who gave me the award and linking to their blogs.

 To accept these awards I have to do the following:
1). Thank and link back to the person who awarded me
2). Share 8 things about myself

3). Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I have recently discovered

4). Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards

(I copied and pasted the above rules from Kristal at Getting Cricky.)

1. accomplished, Thanks so much Gloria and Kristal !!

2. 8 Things About Me.
     1. I am a Military (US Coast Guard) Wife (although we are retired now)
      2. My Husband and I are raising our Grandson.
      3. I am a NC licensed Escort. (Vehicle)
      4. I LOVE British Murder Mysteries.
      5. I must read everyday, I love to read.
      6. I also love to cook and bake, I have even catered     professionally, in the past.
      7. I studied Art in College (didn't finish:-(
      8. I am a Christian and proud of it!

3. 8 bloggers that I want to reward!
     1. Krikut Krazy: Tangee has a fabulous site and she is a really funny sweetheart!
     2. Touched by a Butterfly: Celeste is a wonderful Friend, a fabulous Mom and a Fantastic Crafter with a huge heart!
     3. Creative happenings: Brandi makes some beautiful things and she really loves her Husband!! :-)
     4. Low Country paisley: Paula is the nicest lady and she makes beautiful things, I get lots on inspiration from her!
     5. Rita's Country Creations: Rita makes the most beautiful altered frames, I hope to be on the receiving end of one one day! She is also parenting her cutie Patootie Grandson too.
     6. Shoshi Platypus: Shoshi makes some beautiful things, even when dealing with some Physical issues she is always upbeat and such a pleasure!
     7. Wendy's Crafting Times: Wendy makes the most Amazing Bookatrix Cards!! These are so incredible, I want to make one but, frankly, I am intimidated! They are incredible, check it out!!
     8. Tammy's Creative Tidbits: Tammy makes some beautiful stuff, always has a new idea or project, she blog is a great place for new inspirations and ideas!

Again, I want to Thank the 2 Ladies who were so kind as to think enough of me and my blog to give me this award and I hope y'all visit the blogs of the Ladies that I am giving the award to. I enjoy visiting these blogs, these Ladies create some beautiful things! Have a Fabulous Thanksgiving, I do have a post planned for tomorrow, in between all of the Turkey dinner prep. I am cooking the entire meal, but I have made the Cheesecake, made the rolls and cooks the sweet potatoes, so it isn't too bad! LOL


Shoshi said...

Thank you SO MUCH for my award, Tammy! I feel very honoured!


Paula said...

OMG!! THANK YOU!!!! I soooo appreciate this! It makes me smile!! I'll post it on my blog now:)