07 January 2011

First Kricut Krazy Post

Go check out my first card post over at Kricut Krazy, there is even Blog Candy in the post for a set of Cri-Kits pens!!
Kricut Krazy


Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I saw your card....great and left a comment. I didn't see anything about blog candy anywhere on any of the sites....perhaps you can send me in the right direction. I would love to win a Cri-cut Pen set.

Tammy said...

Cely, at the end of the post with the Frog card there is a blurb about the Cri-Kits give away. Just leave a comment on the Frog card post over at Kricut Krazy and you are in the running. I will be looking for your post!!

Elaine said...

Wahoo! I left a comment. Super cute card, especially the inside. You are rocking GF!!