27 January 2011

Breaking News!!!

Here are Joy's newest stamps! I am so excited, I have so many ideas for these new stamps!! She also has a great package deal with the new stamps plus her Vinylology DVD. I very HIGHLY recommend her Vinylology DVD, I had been using vinyl in projects and thought I was proficient but after getting Joy's DVD, I am so much better and I use vinyl even more! This is the best "how-to" video I have seen!! Joy's Stamps are of the highest quality and they stamp beautifully, they are deeply etched and make clear concise stamped images. (nothing is worse than making a beautiful card and the sentiment stamp messing up, ruining the card) This never happens with Joy's stamps. Run over to Joy'sLife.com and place your pre-order, you will be so glad that you did! Tell her Tammy sent you!!

Joy's Life Yummy Puns Stamps

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