06 February 2011

Tractor Cake

Here it is, Jeremy's Tractor cake! I used an svg from Treasure Box Designs "Funny Farm" Collection to make this and I will tell you how! I baked my cakes, I baked 2 sheet cakes in 9x13 pans and then stacked them together using buttercream frosting and did a thin coat of buttercream over the whole cake (a crumb coat) I used MTC and the Tractor svg, I created a rectangle that was 9x13 ( I deleted this 9x13 mat, it was only used to size everything since my cake was 9x13) and I put all of the pieces of the svg together on the virtual mat, I selected them all and created a shadow layer. I printed out the shadow layer on a piece of 11x17 paper and cut out the tractor shadow shape, this is what I used to cut the cake into the tractor shape. Then I used my expression to cut the pieces that were sized to the shadow that I printed, that way we had our patterns for the pieces to be cut out of the fondant. After we colored our fondant and cut out all of our pieces we used clear karo syrup as glue and assembled the pieces, after the cake was all assembled I used a clothes steamer to steam the cake to make it shiny. This was sun to make and the kids loved it (the grown up kids loved it too LOL)

Treasure Box Designs Funny Farm Collection


Anonymous said...

Love it Tammy! You are so creative! I want to watch you the next time. Winnie

AmandaB said...

Oh Tammy, your cake is adorable.. I bet he just loved it..

Amanda :0)

Elaine said...

Whoa! This is fantastic!! What a cool job you did with Doodlebug's cake. I just bet he loved it!!!

Hestia's Helper said...

Holy Samolians, Batman! Shut the front door!
You did all this in fondant and karo syrup!?!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Going to save it in my "Gotta-try-this" file... we have 2 b-days coming up in March and April and this would be a real crowd-pleaser for sure!!
Thanks for the step-by-step details!!


Jega said...

Wow Tammy! Absolutely gorgeous! Way out of my range of talent. Great Job!

Staying Crafty said...

This is wonderful!

Paula said...

Oh wow! This looks great! Boy, I'm impressed by your cake making skills!!