01 February 2011

Lettering Delights Animal Boxes and Bags

These Lettering Delights Animal boxes and bags are so cute and fun to make, there are a bunch of different animals and you can make any of them into boxes or bags. I have only made these two so far and I want to play with this svg set a lot more! Just as I was getting started my little one (who will be 2 years old on Thursday) commandeered my Cuttlebug and started rolling his crayons though it, needless to say it was time to leave the craft room and shut the door! (some days are like this!) Y'all really need to run over to Lettering Delights and discover their SVGs, they ROCK!!! I have spent the majority of my Christmas money on LD svgs!! LOL I am having a blast and you will be seeing LD's handled boxes in the next day or so as my Little Ones Birthday goodie boxes. Have a great day!!

Lettering Delights


Carina said...

Those are Very cute

Shoshi said...

Those are so sweet! Love the little crocodile (or is he a dinosoar?) Adorable.

Tammy said...

I was thinking it was an alligator or Crocodile. LOL Really I am not sure but he is really cute and my 2 year old keeps trying to steal him!! :-)

Hestia's Helper said...

Tammy... I'm sorry I haven't been by to comment, but every time I stop in, you make we want to buy stuff!
They call that and "enabler"... and YOU, my friend, are my pocketbook's worst nightmare! (-:
I LOVE these!! I NOT going to LD... I'm NOT going to LD... I'm NOT goi..............

Elaine said...

You are so funny Tammy... get down on the floor with him and CB crayons too LOL. These lil' guys are awesome, really cute boxes.