24 August 2010

A Quick Note

Just wanted to let everyone know MyScrapChick is having a 60% off sale through Sunday 28 August 2010. When you place $25.00 or more into your cart you get the discount! With 60% off, this equates to getting $25 worth of files for $10, a steal!!!! I am working on what files I do not have and that I need!! LOL
I do have a new card and a Halloween gift bag (using MyScrapChick's "Boo Bunch" file) to post later, after I get photos taken.

My Scrap Chick


Hestia's Helper said...

WOW! Thank you! I put a bunch of stuff in my cart yesterday (at the 50% off sale) then decided to browse around a little before finalizing my decision. That extra 10% is going to help me make up my mind (I won't have to remove anything... much easier to choose when I can get ALL the ones I want) (-: I LOVE a sale! (-:

Tammy said...

@Hestia's Helper
I am making my list, and making sure I do not duplicate any files I already own. (My Scrap Chick is addictive! LOL)

JustYolie said...

LOL I'm doing the same thing Tammy! I'll be shopping first thing tomorrow morning! :)

Anonymous said...

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