17 August 2010

K Andrew Challenge Part 2

Here it is... the inside!
The cut file that I received from K Andrew Designs called "School Stuff" included several different files, the frame I made into the card in the previous post, a cool border, an apple and a paperclip. I used the apple cut and the paperclip cut to do the inside of my card. The border is super cool (although I didn't use it for this project) it is a heart border and an apple border!! (If you look, the apple is a heart too) This is a super cool cut file collection and you can get it here . I used some silver and some red foil paper to create the paperclip and scrap papers from my scrap stash to create the apple. I also used some Stickles to bling up the apple.  I used a piece of paper from a School paper collection that looks like notebook paper and I hand wrote the sentiment, I am planning to give this to my little cousin who starts 2nd grade next week. Please let me know via comments what you think!!

(I can't wait for you to see what I have been making! hint: it is a myscrapchick.com file and they are super cute!! )

K Andrew Designs
K Andrew Designs Blog
Stickles by Ranger Ink


K Andrew said...

Oh my this is as cute as the outside! I am so thrilled you played along. You will love your gift!

JustYolie said...

Ah this is a cute card! :0 I love myscrapchick files...can't wait to see your next creation! :)

Stacie (hestiashelper) said...

Hi Tammy! Just found you today! Thank you for the referral to K Andrew's Blog... that looks like a fun challenge!
I'm in NC, too... Creedmoor (just north or Raleigh/Durham)!
Good to meet you and I'm now a follower, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Tammy said...

Hi Stacie,
I am glad you found me! I try to post a few times each week (I don't always succeed!) I have two great Aunts who married men from Creedmoor and lived there. I live in Manteo. I hope you get some ideas from what I post!

Thanks Kristal and Yolie!