30 December 2010

SVGcuts.com Snowmen Village

 Mary over at SVGcuts.com has created another super cute svg set!! The Snowman Village set is oh, so cute and easy to piece. I chose 4 of the 16 different snowmen and snowwomen in the set. I made the Classic Snowman, Fisherman, Pirate and the Snowy Potter. (I am a HUGE Harry Potter Fan! LOL) I will tell you a few things you might want to know, these snowmen are HUGE if you cut them as created, like somewhere around 6 inches or more assembled.  If you would like to put these on a card you need to resize them smaller. It is easy to resize in either SCAL or MTC, so that is no problem. I ended up laminating them and putting magnet material on the back and making Snowmen "Action Figures" for my little one to play with. (I am not allowed to call them paper dolls, since he is a boy, per my Husband LOLOL) I also used googly eyes, I really love googly eyes! :-) Also, you might want to glue the googly eyes on after you laminate them! (I had to do eye surgery on Snowy Potter with my mat knife.) This set also includes an "extra" which turns the snowmen into boxes which are super cute and I will be making some of these! You get a lot for your money with this set, this is a definite BUY!! have fun creating!

Snowman Village SVGcuts.com


Anonymous said...

These really turned out amazing... I can't wait to play with this set myself

Rose said...

Oh wow! These are so cute, I didn't get them when they were free, I should have.

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...


Cassandra said...

Very cute! I love them all!

Melissa said...

I totally agree - this is a super cute set! I love how you made them into magnets - great idea! Hopefully I will have time to play with this set this weekend - I want to make valentine cards with the valentine one this weekend.