25 December 2010

**** Merry Christmas****

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you and your Family(s) have a fabulous Holiday and that 2011 is the best year ever for us all!! So far we have had a wonderful Christmas, Jeremy received a John Deere Power Wheel Ride on Tractor from Santa and he is Loving it!! (I hope He learns to steer soon! LOL) We are eating our Holiday meal with my Grandmother (she will be 86 on her birthday in March) and all of our family (I think there will be about 50 of us and that is no where near the whole immediate family) Yesterday was Gene and my 24th Wedding Anniversary and we had a very nice day, it was very busy since I was way behind this year (it is hard to get things accomplished with a toddler) but we pulled it together and had a great day! Thank you all for all of your support this year and I have big plans for 2011!
Merry Christmas!