15 September 2010

My First Video

OK Y'all, be nice, here it is a tutorial on how to get free downloads for digital scrapbook paper and then create and print your own scrapbook paper. If you have any questions let me know and a part 2 will include the project bags I talked about. I had a time limit and since I am so new to this all, I am still figuring out the time thing.

I am looking for ideas for future videos and if you have anything you want me to show you, leave me a comment and we will get it into the works!
Thanks Everyone.


Design House Digital (great freebies)
CIS Ink Systems


JustYolie said...

Great video Tammy!!!

Anonymous said...

great video Tammy...I am printing papers today...thanks for sharing.

K Andrew said...

GIRL! OMG your voice is AMAZING! I could listen to it all day--sooooo sweet and Southern!
You did a GREAT job on your video--fantastic! I don't print papers--I used to have a 12x12 large format printer, but that was about 8 years ago....however this is a PERFECT tutorial for those looking to do so. You did GREAT on your first video girl!

Lainey said...

Tammy, what a fabulous job you did!!! No way this is your first video:o) Keep 'em coming!

Tangee said...

You rock chicka! Have fun in Texas and see ya when you get back!