19 September 2010

Drawing and cutting out a digi stamp or doodlebat with the Cricut

I have created another video tutorial for y'all. This teaches you how to use a digital stamp (you can download lots of them for free) and your Cri-Kits (or other brand) pens, along with your Cricut to draw and cut out your image. I also show you how to do virtually the same thing but instead of a digital stamp, using a doodlebat Font (I used DB Monster from Lettering Delights). I hope that someone uses this technique and makes something! If so let me know!!

If anyone knows how to focus a Kodak Zi8 video camera, please let me know, I can't find the stupid book! Sorry about the blurry video!!
Lettering Delights (for the Doodlebats)
Cri-Kits Pens
Sure Cuts A Lot 2 Software


Anonymous said...

Your video is awesome..I am doing this now...thanks so much for sharing this with us....woo hoo something new to try out.

Paula said...

This ROCKS! I have the pens but hadn't used them, so I used them for the first time while watching your video - LOVE IT!! Thanks sooo much for doing this....can't wait for your next video!!

OmaG said...

Tammy see if this link works for you.

Shoshi said...

Tammy, this is great! Thanks so much for doing this tutorial - I've saved it in my Youtube favs for future reference for when I get my Cricut. This is just the sort of thing I'm wanting to do! I love the way the pens work, and then being able to cut them out too, is cool.

Christina said...

awesome Tammy!!! Thank-you for sharing this.

JustYolie said...

HI Tammy, your video was very informative!! Thank you!

PatriciaC said...

Hi Tammy, I really like your video and as I am new to all this everything I can see done visually is a big help :). I love the Sure cuts alot program and I am amazed at all the things that can be done with ease with it.
My cricut is the older one but I will be stepping up to the expressions soon. I am also helping to raise my grand daughter so time is sparce sometimes but as I am a crafter by nature I work it in where I can. I very much appreciate your video. It was very easy to understand the steps you where using. A big Thank you for shareing with us.

Anonymous said...

I never comment on blogs, but this one is awesome! Thanks.