21 August 2011

Subway Art

I was cruising around the net and saw some Subway Art and I love it! I bought a few ceramic tiles the last time I was at the Home Improvement store so I thought I would give it a whirl!
These are so much fun, I just want through my fonts picking as I went! (so don't ask what they are LOL) Then I went through my vinyl scraps and picked Fall colors and started cutting away. Next time I am going to put my words closer together but I am happy with the way this one turned out!
I am picking the winner of the Altered Composition book tomorrow so be on the look out for that, and I hope to have a new project for y'all. (I have a personal goal to try to post more often, now that Summer is winding down (so sad) I should be crafting more. (If only I could sent the 2 year old to school! LOL)


Doris P. said...

LOVE it!! I love wall art!! your tile is awesome love the colors as I LOVE FALL!!!

Wende said...

Tammy, Looks great. Love the whole subway art groove. don't know what you could have done to make it better! Would be thrilled to show this in my home.

Mari Jose said...

Tammy, Ithis looks awesome!! Love the idea of making these tiles for each season or holiday!!!