11 July 2010

Father's Day Card
 I made this card for my Dad for Father's Day, the paperdoll of my Dad is from the Cricut cartridge "Paperdolls For Everyday", the face is a Peachy Keen stamp from the PK-490 Everyday Paperdoll Face Assortment and I used my white gel pen to color in the whites of the eyes. The 4 blocks represent things that Dad and I do together, the coffee cup is a svg files I got for free (do not remember where), Dad comes almost every morning and we have coffee together (He is responsible for the fact that I am now addicted to Percolated coffee now), the gardening tools and the sign are both also from the "Paperdolls for Everyday" Cricut cartridge, Dad and I, along with my friend Louise go "yarding" (go to yard sales) most Saturday mornings, we started this last year because I was up with Doodlebug anyway and the garden tools are representative of all of the help Dad gives my in my garden. The "Dad" (which I don't love) is from a set of individual letter stamps that I have had so long they are hard, but I didn't have a Dad stamp (I will next year! LOL). The purple and green papers are Bazzill and the patterned is from my stash. The "thanks so much" is from the "Stamping" Cricut cartridge and inside the card I thanked Dad for all that he does for me, including loving me! Dad loves his card and told me he kept it, that means the world to me!
 A close up view of my Dad, the Paperdoll LOL.

I also wanted to post a pic of my garden, this (and Jeremy) take most of my time, along with all of the regular household chores that we all have. I have already started canning, I have canned 48 quarts of beans, 5 pints of Dill pickles, 6 quarts of tomatoes and 15 pints (1 batch) of salsa, and I am only just getting started LOL
Have great day Everyone!!


Paula said...

Tammy - this is such a cute card! I'm sure your Dad was thrilled. (and your garden looks awesome, too)

Jim said...

I like the card and your blog. You should post it to your album on the yahoo group.


Tamara said...

Cute card!!! Love your story about your dad too :)

Jill said...

This card is so cute, and I love how you used the different items representing things about your dad that you enjoy. Thank you so much for sharing.


crotnem said...

Now you have the hang of things Tammy! You will start posting alot now. Great LO

K Andrew said...

Tammy-super cute girl! I love all the highlighting you did with the white pen--it adds such great detail. Wonderful!

All the best-from my hands to yours,
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stampingguide said...

I absolutely LOVE your dad card! I'm also impressed with the garden...I have a green thumb, but I want to start one.....I've very scared to do so....any ideas on how to start SLOW? I also want to learn how to can....you are amazing!!! Eileen


stampingguide said...

oooops......I wanted to ask for your salsa recipe and how to can it......would you mind sharing?????? thanks, Eileen

Tammy said...

I hate to be mean but I can't share the salsa recipe, it is my Mom's secret recipe and I had to promise I would not share it in order to get it myself! And she is my Mom! LOL You probably don't want it anyway, it takes forever to make but my Husband loves it so I make it. Sorry.

Lainey said...

Wow Tammy! This card is so creative with the little squares, what a fun way to show Dad you love him. The colors are so pretty! And your garden... I am so jealous. That's the thing about going to KY and VA each summer, my Olivia just loves to garden with her Grammy.