11 October 2011

Cuttin Up With Class Challenge #3 ~ Fall Leaf

To create this Fall card I used the Maple Leaf pattern from Jani. I created a shadow in MTC and duplicated it, mirrored one of the pieces, bumped the two pieces together added a rectangle basic shape (to make the folded area slightly larger) and then welded to make my card base. I then cut the leaf shape out of a pretty fall patterned paper and the vein layer out of brown paper. I assembled my pieces and then pop-dotted the leaf to the card base. (oh, I forgot to say that I used Time Holtz Distress inks to distress the Kraft paper on the card base) I added some Cinnamon Stickles on the vein layer and then added a Copper bow, a wooden button and some twine. The inside says "Happy Fall". Please go over to Cuttin Up With Class , grab you free file (which includes both this leaf and an oak leaf) and participate in our challenge!!


Cheryl First said...

Tammy - this is so pretty! When I first was it, I thought you decorated a cookie! lol! It looks yummy! lol!

Rhonda Emery said...

this is so beautiful love it

Wende said...

Awe, fall, my fav time of year and this card is just perfect!!!! It looks so real. great job.

Eva Laney said...

fabulous shape card!!! Love that glitter too.
Eva :0)

Unknown said...

It sooo pretty! the colors are so vivid and the glitter layer just frames it perfectly.

Christina Lytle said...

Beautiful card... I love the colors, glitter, the bow really sets it off..

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