30 January 2012

Jukebox (svgcuts.com)

Welcome back everyone and I am glad to be back too!
Some of you know (My Facebook Friends) that I started a small vinyl craft business, in October I did my first craft show and I was so busy that I had no crafting time. After the holidays my creative mojo went of vacation! I finally made myself get back into the craft room and this is the first thing I made! This is the 3D Jukebox from the Brand NEW Rockin and Rollin kit from svgcuts.com. Mary has really out done herself and I am going to be making the record box too (I seriously LOVE the dice and glasses) I did the vellum version and I cut my vellum out of the white style vellum and used Alcohol ink in silver to color it, you can still see the battery operated tealight through the vellum. I used a gray paper for the body (to simulate chrome or aluminum) and then did a black and pink theme that is so typical 50's. I just loe the way it turned out and so does my almost three year old (His birthday is Friday 3 Feb.) He kept saying Wow, Wow LOL . Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!! I will leave you with a few more views from different angles!